Comparative analysis of energy basedclustering protocol with tabu technique in WSN

Gaurav Sharma, Varsha Sahni Sahni


Wireless sensor networks are the mixture of sensing, computing and communicate on. The wsn deploys so many sensors in an area without any infrastructure. Sensor networks are consisting of homogeneous and heterogeneous sensor nodes with limited resources of it. Ideally, the sensor networks are small, efficient, inexpensive and reliable enough to maximize the network lifetime.

In this study, the mainly focus is on the cluster head selection using tabu search in energy efficient clustering protocol. Due to limited energy in sensor nodes, the networkis not stable. For this, many protocols has been proposed so far to improve the energy efficiency .This paper presents the comparative analysis of CCWM protocol with Tabu based CCWMprotocol and the simulation results show that tabu based CCWM protocol performs better instead of CCWMprotocol.

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