Performance analysis of energy efficient clustering protocolusing Tabu in wsn

Gaurav Sharma, Varsha Sahni


A wireless sensor network consists of low-size and low-complex devices (sensor nodes) that may sense the environment or surroundings and gather the knowledge from the observance field and communicate through wireless links and clustering is one of the main thing in wsn in which whole network is depend.In this study, the mainly focus is on the cluster head selection using tabu search in energy efficient clustering protocol. Due to limited energy in sensor nodes, the networkis not stable. For this, many protocols has been proposed so far to improve the energy efficiency .This paper presents the comparative analysis of CCWM protocol with Tabu based CCWM protocol in terms of alive nodes, energy variance and data received to the sink in bytes. The simulation results show that tabu based CCWM protocol performs better instead of CCWM protocol.

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